Institutionalise UX Methodology

The Institutionalise User Experience (UX) methodology provides organisations with a step-by-step method on how to institutionalise UX. The original focus was on government institutions; however, the methodology can be used and adopted by any organisation.

The Institutionalise UX methodology has the following six main phases:

Institutionalise UX methodology by Marco Pretorius Institutionalise UX methodology by Marco Pretorius

The Institutionalise UX methodology was developed by Dr Marco Pretorius as part of his PhD thesis. The goal of this research was to propose and evaluate a methodology to institutionalise UX in South African Provincial Governments (PGs), named the “Institutionalise UX in Government (IUXG) methodology”. The research used the Western Cape Government (WCG) in South Africa as a case study to evaluate the proposed methodology to institutionalise UX in a South African PG.

This research is a major contribution, to addressing the current lack of UX practices in South African PGs. South African PGs can use the proposed IUXG methodology to institutionalise UX and it will assist PG officials to develop increased UX maturity levels. The advantage of the IUXG methodology is that it provides PG officials with a step-by-step method how to institutionalise UX in a PG by following the six phases of the IUXG methodology: startup, setup, organisation, method, standards and long-term. The IUXG methodology will assist South African PGs to establish UX practice as a norm. The IUXG methodology will assist PGs with the resources, methods and tools to enable them to implement UX guidelines, which will result in an improved, more usable and more user-centric PG e-Government website.

The IUXG methodology was proposed from five UX methodologies (Schaffer (2004); Staggers et al., (2011); ISO TR 18529 (2000); Unger and Chandler (2009); and (2012c) – available in the PDF download below), as well as from best practices found in literature. The IUXG methodology was updated, based on results of a survey to South African PGs, a survey to WCG employees, as well as literature from the WCG. The IUXG methodology  was updated a final time, based on the case study results and on a confirmation survey with WCG employees after the implementation of the case study.

Download: Marco-Pretorius-PhD-Thesis (File type: PDF. File size: 7.9 MB)

This methodology can be referenced as:

Pretorius, M.C. (2012). A Methodology to Institutionalise User Experience in a South African Provincial Government. Doctoral Thesis, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.